Pre-purchase Inspections

Here’s what we’ll do; check all lights, horn, washer and wiper operation. Test all doors, hood, truck and seat belt function. Lift car and check front suspension , brakes, rear suspension, shocks, strut and spring condition. Visually check engine, transmission, drive line for any wear or fluid leaks. Check exhaust system condition. Check tire, pressure, condition, wear and tread depth. rotate tires well off so best once are on front. Scan vehicle for codes. Visual under hood inspection, check air filter condition, belts, hoses, engine and transmission oil level and condition. Test cooling system antifreeze strength and condition. Check all other fluids and advise. Test battery, starter and charging system. Road test vehicle for hidden drive ability problems. Test heater, a/c and vent function. Supply you with a list of item that need attention in three part. A- needs to be done now. B- minor defects, can be none soon. C- cosmetic¬† defects we’ve noticed.

Let us minimize the chance of you buying a lemon before you buy.

Most cars and light duty trucks $60.00 taxes extra.